Ryan’s relics is one of those places you should stop in whenever you have a chance because their merchandise changes all the time. I got a super awesome table there today. I do believe it is brand new!! If you’re looking for anything vintage, definitely check them out. The staff was all super nice and very helpful.

-Linda Baker

Large selection of antiques and hard to find pieces for very low prices. I have purchased many beautiful pieces here and would highly recommend anyone to check out the stores at 7900 and 8100 Belair Road. The staff is super friendly and will work with you on prices to gain a new customer. I have saved hundreds of dollars on each purchase!

-Reynard Johnson

Amazing!!! Great selection at reasonable prices. I recommend all the time.

-Dawn Durden

Oh my gosh, this place is amazing and so affordable. I went in there an hour before closing, but easily could have spent all day in both stores. I was able to find a mid century credenza at such a great price compared to places in Baltimore and D.C. I plan to go back ASAP!

-Chelsea Perts

Best place hands down if you want nice furniture without paying a fortune for it. I happily drive from D.C. to visit this gem of a place. Great customer service.

-Elizabeth Brach

I have been quite pleased with the furniture that I have purchased and will continue to shop there. Ryan’s Relics is one of my favorite shops, I always find something!

-Sharon Thess